European Hip Society
European Hip Society 14th International Congress
Lille (France) ‒ 1-2 Oct. 2020

EHS Lille 2020

Two decades after the Beaune meeting in 1998, the 14th European Hip Society International Congress is back to France and  will take place in the prestigious city of Lille, chaired by its President Dr Jean-Alain Epinette, orthopaedic surgeon from the Lille University, and past president of the French Hip and Knee Society. The organizing committee will address the invaluable expertise of Luigi Zagra, Klaus-Peter Günther and Manel Ribas, in addition to French “key surgeons” such as Henri Migaud, chief of Orthopaedic Department in Lille University, André Ferreira, Sebastien Lustig and Nicolas Reina.

This 14th congress of EHS will welcome Canada as our guest nation, and will  be set up in partnership with the “HIP Toulouse” organization.

Lille is the fourth largest city in France at the heart of Europe. As well as being an international crossroads and dynamic financial centre , Lille, as also a city of art and history, was designated the European Capital of Culture in 2004 and continues to provide a rich cultural and artistic experience, boasting a preserved heritage, a warm and friendly atmosphere and a thriving cultural life. The Congress centre  “Lille Grand Palais” is a perfect venue, located in the city centre , at just 10 min. walk from the TGV Station, easily reachable by air, by rail or by road. With 1 million visitors per year, it offers customized offers and packages, and offers great adaptability and flexibility of rooms and spaces.


The European Hip Society aims to provide the best knowledge in all hip-related topics. At Lille 2020, we will be proud to stay at the cutting edge of advances in Orthopaedics. The program is based upon the three pillars of hip surgery: “basic”, “current state of the art” and “what’s next?”, while focusing specifically on the true and false innovations within these sections. In such a way, symposia, guest lectures, presentations, posters and round tables will address past, current and new trends in hip management for primaries and revisions. In addition, full sessions will be devoted to the future with robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and some promising new devices to help us in our surgical practice… The future will be in Lille!


On behalf the Organizing Committee, we right now look forward to welcoming each of you to EHS 2020.


Interview of the month

All along his brilliant carrier, Professor Philippe Chiron has made the Toulouse Orthopaedic University one of the most creative unit within our Community…In 2020, we are proud and honored to welcome “Hip-Toulouse” as pa
Philippe Chiron

1.       EHS: Professor Philippe Chiron, who are you, and how can you introduce yourself as an Orthopaedic Surgeon?


As a French surgeon who practices orthopaedics and trauma at Purpan Hospital, Toulouse University Centre, I have been a University Professor since 1996; I was head of the trauma orthopaedics department which brings together all the previous departments of Toulouse, from 2015 to this year. This department has 147 beds, 12 of which are continuing care, to which are added...


More about Lille !

More about Lille ! More about Lille ! More about Lille ! More about Lille !

News in brief

A new section within our EHS Lille2020 website, will be devoted each month to the absolute “must-see” in Lille!
Welcome to Philippe Chiron, who brings the charming city of Toulouse up to Lille, thanks to the "Hip-Toulouse" meeting this year set up as a part of our EHS International Congress
We are on our way to finalize the Lille 2020 programme which will be soon released within our web pages displaying all topics and speakers of the 18 EHS symposia and round tables of Lille 2020!
Best wishes to all in 2020, and a fantastic Lille Congress in October! Right now abstracts can be submitted... we need each of you to go on an awesome value of this scientific meeting!


What’s new on EHS Lille 2020 ?

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